NaNoWriMo Review Day 4

Today, I feel like I did really well. Let’s see, not including this post, I’ve written about 1,300 words! About 200 of those were by hand, planning my next short story. A little more than 500 words written in my short story, and almost 670 words this morning in the devotional I wrote.

What’s been the big difference? The past few days, I’ve felt busy and stressed in the morning so I skipped reading my Bible and praying. This morning, I spent time with God and my whole day went better.

Also, because we’re adjusting our sleep schedules to fit my husband’s, both my girls napped which really helped.

Anyone else reading doing NaNoWriMo? Why don’t you comment below and let the world know how you’re doing and the pitch for your novel?

In God’s love,

Amber Skye Mileusnich

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