Prince of Slaves: Chapter 8

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Prince of Slaves: Chapter 8

Listross turned back to her, brow furrowed deep. “You really want to help?”

Eppra nodded, meeting Listross’s eyes with boldness.

“Then this is what I want from you.” Listross sheathed his weapon. “Go. Take your horse and ride back to those men. Tell them there’s nothing this way and convince them to ride back into the city. After the moon has risen and candles are blown out, take the weapons your village has and bring them here. Bolfreed will be trailing you, and if you stray, his arrow won’t.”

Eppra slowly nodded. “It will be done.”

“Let her go, Thyrin.”

Thyrin gave Listross a concerned look, but let her go. 

Immediately, Eppra took her horse’s reins and skillfully mounted. 

Thyrin watched her and whispered to Listross. “Are you actually going to trust her?”

Listross glanced at Thyrin, and held up his finger. 

Eppra looked back at the group. “Everything will be done as you asked, but I ask that you look favorably on me and my town.”

“We’ll see.”

Eppra lowered her head in a bow. “Prince Listross, until we meet again.” 

Listross watched quietly as she cantered off. Without needed further instruction, Bolfreed followed after her, keeping to the shadows of the trees. 

“To answer your question, no Thyrin. I don’t trust her. Go grab your wife.”

“Tales? What does she have to do with this?”

“We’re going to be moving the women and children. You’ll lead up the group.”

“I’m not a woman.”

Listross looked over with a raised eyebrow. “You really want all the women and children to remain completely defenseless?”

Thyrin nodded and marched off.

Grink marched over. “We’re planning for an ambush.”

Listross nodded. “Get the men ready. I’m going to direct Thyrin where to take the women. 

In an hour, the group was divided into two, and the men started to climb and hide in trees, preparing for armed men from the city. Listross watched and waited from a limb of a sturdy walnut tree. His muscles were tense, ready to give the signal at any movement. 


His head snapped to the base of the tree.

“Oh, no.” He clenched his jaw and maneuvered his way down.

“Emmya, what are you doing here!? This is about to get dangerous. You were supposed to go with the other children.”

“I wanted to stay with you.” 

“You always want to be with me. Listen I do love you, but I don’t want you to get hurt. By staying behind, you put not only yourself, but all of us in danger.”

Emmya sniffled, green eyes growing as wide as saucers. 

Listross sighed. “Climb on my back and stay completely silent.

Listross climbed, with much more difficulty, the same tree. He got to the same branch and set Emmya next to the trunk.

“This is scary, Daddy.”

“Yes. It is. Now shush. Don’t speak. Stay here and don’t move.”

Carefully, Listross crawled further out onto the bough. 

Emmya whimpered softly behind him.

Then the bushes on the other end of the clearing shook. The head of the same huge brown stallion broke through, Eppra walking alongside it. She looked around the empty clearing, blinking in the moonlight.

“Prince Listross?”

Listross sighed and climbed back down the tree, setting Emmya on the ground by the base of the tree and telling her to stay there.

Bolfreed walked out of the line of trees and stood next to Eppra.

Listross approached the two of them. “The weapons?”

Eppra patted her horses back wich was loaded down with bags that clinked and clanged as they walked. “As promised.”

“Dump them. Show me.”

Eppra sighed. “I’m tired. Must we do this now.” 

Listross narrowed his eyebrows and she started hefting packs off of the horse, undoing the latches, and dumping the contents of bows, arrows, swords, bucklers, daggers, and knives at his feet.

“I assume you’re happy with it all?”

Listross nodded, holding up a torch to help him see it all better.

“Now, Prince Listross, what are you planning on doing with all of this?”

“Ouch!” Emmya stuck her finger in her mouth, dropping a small knife.

“Emmya, I told you to stay by the tree!”

“I want to help you.”


“But, Daddy! If you go kill those people they might kill you!” Tears fell out of Emmya’s eyes.

“Ah. I figured you were going to try to slaughter my people.” Eppra sighed and shook her head. I know the rumors said that you had been killing the masters of local plantations, but I really had a hard time believing it. I mean, you’re Tavalaskians, not Ferronians. We Ferronians are supposed to be the vicious killers.”

“And I’m acting as a god, giving them a taste of their own medicine.”

“Not that you’re plan is bad, Prince Listross, and you have all right to take my people out, but with the number of people you have, you could just as easily enslave them. I refuse to help you kill the people I grew up with, even if I don’t agree with them, but, if you promise to simply take them captive, I can give you a layout of the city and show you which families you’ll need to capture.”

 Listross licked he back of his teeth considering his options.

  1. Follow through with his original plan. He’d probably kill Eppra when he was done as well. Ferronians were evil. Beyond that, if he captured them, they could revolt.

2. If Listross captured them, it would show that he was different than the Ferronians whose reputations as murders proceed them. He needed to set himself apart. To inspire peace and not seam like a murder to the people of Sholance.

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