Prince of Slaves: Chapter 9

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If you’re new to Prince of Slaves, click here to read the previous chapters. Please enjoy Prince of Slaves: Chapter 9

The story thus far:

Listross was a slave on a potato plantation. Everything changed on his twenty-fifth birthday when he was given a box from Grandmother, an older lady that looked over the slaves. She recounted the tale of how the Ferronians took over Tavalask enslaving the few remaining people they left. At the end of her story, she had Listross open a box with a crown and a note in it from his father saying that Listross is indeed the next ruler over Tavalask. In order to become King, he must free his people and take the throne. 

That night, Listross decided to do just that. He rallied the men on his plantation and stormed the manor house. Unfortunately, they took heavy losses, loving half of the slaves on their plantation- including his beloved, beautiful wife, Ideara. 

After a short break to celebrate their freedom and mourn, Listross alone went to the next closest plantation to free it. After being turned in by the slaves there, he managed to escape and single-handedly took out the slave masters. Thyrin, the head slave of that plantation, saw where he went wrong and pledged his loyalty to Prince Listross.

Listross brought all the slaves from the new plantation back to his own. Not long after they arrived, Magistrate Ossillion and Ferrionian soldiers arrived to take account of how the Raughlin farm was faring. Listross tried to deceive the magistrate, having different members of the group pretend to be his old slave master’s family. Ossillion saw through the lies and a harsh battle ensued. The slaves were victorious and didn’t lose lives, but the plantation, the only home most of them had known was burnt to the ground.

Under advisement of Grink, a middle-aged man who had stood behind Listross from the beginning, they decided to make their way towards Sholance, another neighboring country, to seek aid. As they travel, tension rises as Listross’s best friend Flouth is not shown the respect he believes he deserves. After they make us, Listross decides he needs a hierarchy amidst the slaves to keep the peace. 

He ends up freeing yet another plantation as they move towards Sholance, and asked Thyrin, who’s been charged with taking care of domestic affairs to take inventory of the supplies they just recieved. Unfortunately, Thyrin, and two-thirds of the other now freed-slaves do not know how to read. Grandmother had always instilled in Listross the importance of literacy, so on top of Listross’s other duties, he decides he must also now teach the slaves how to read and write.

One night, after planning on taking a small nearby town, he was about to start one of his lessons when a random horse ran through his camp, the Lady Eppra Tizkul following close behind it. Instead of immediately killing the enemy Ferronian, Listross decides to enlist her help, since she seems willing to. When she stops listening or becomes a hassle, he’ll be rid of her. He was surprised when she decided to listen to all the Listross had commanded her, bringing him and his men weapons from her city.  

Prince of Slaves: Chapter 9

Listross’s stern eyes flashed between Emmya and Eppra. “Fine.” He drew his weapon. “Come men, let’s go take this city. We’ll enslave the Ferronians as they’ve enslaved us.”

Eppra let out the breath she was holding and gave Listross a small smile. “Thank you.”

“Bolfreed, take Emmya to Tales, and make sure she stays there. The rest of you, grab a weapon. When we go in, we will make a point to not kill. If the Ferronians resist, bind them. Flouth, grab the rope.”

“Got it, Prince.”

“But Daddy!” Bolfreed hoisted Emmya as she reached towards Listross.

Listross turned his back as Bolfreed started jogging off. “I love you, Emmya. Just stay with Tales. You’ll be fine”

Grink strode over and pointed at Eppra. “Your family lords over this town, correct?”

Eppra gave a single nod.

“Then, Prince Listross, I suggest you select three others to march with you to take that house. It’ll be a sign of power. Have the rest of the men position themselves in the city.”

“If you’re breaking into teams, I’d send one to the blacksmith, one to the innkeeper, and one to the Rigor Farm. They have the most renown in town, that is, besides my father.” 

“Grink, take the blacksmith. Flouth, the innkeeper. Rawruin, the farm.”

“Yes, Prince,” the three men saluted in unison. 

Listross thrust his blade into the air before marching. Eppra led her horse by his side through the forest to the city. 

Outside the short stone wall sat a group of three dark haired Tavlaskians sitting around a campfire, watching over a small flock of sheep.

“Arkin, go tell those three the good news. They can join us if they want.”

“Yes sir.” Arkin saluted at Listross, a happy glint in his eye. 

“You’re trusting Arkin?” Flouth grinned with the same happy glint as Arkin jogged off.

That glint must be genetic. 

“He’ll be fine.” Listross opened the wooden gate. 

“It’ll be smart to stay quiet, Prince Listross. We don’t want anyone to wake up.” 

Listross cast a frown at her as her horse’s hooves clipped on the brick roads. Eppra, of course, didn’t seem to notice her hypocrisy.

“Rairu, was it? I would take that side road to get to the Rigor farm.”

Rawruin smiled towards her. “Rawruin, but for you, I’ll be anything.” 

He started jogging off with a few of the men from Thyrin’s plantation, spun making himself jog backwards as he saluted to Listross and winked at Eppra, then spun again motioning to his group of men. 

Eppra shielded her face with her hand. “Ferronian soldiers would not be allowed to act that way.”

Listross sighed. “Tavalaskian soldiers are not allowed to act that way either.”

Eppra gave a nod and twirled a strand of her hair. “Um. Anyway, that’s the inn. Innkeeper Jimp lives on the top level. His room is the one on the far end of the hallway.”

“Got it.” Flouth saluted to Listross. “Don’t die on me, Prince List.”

“Same to you.”

Eppra, Listross, Grink and the rest of the men that followed them continued through the small town. Pairs of men broke off at the three interceptions to stand guard for possible resistance.  At the final of the three crossroads on the far end of town, Listross saw the manor house, and was ready to march on, but Eppra pointed down a side street.

“Blacksmith Danth lives at the end of that road.”

“Blow that horn if you need help, Prince. We are not far.” Grink saluted and jogged off, men on his tail.

“Finally a man who actually acts like a soldier.”

“Continue to criticize my men and I will show you what a Tavalaskian Prince acts like.”

Eppra opened her mouth to rebuttal, when they were interrupted by distant clanking of metal on metal.

“We need to move, now.” Listross held his sword up in plow guard. “Open the doors.”

“Me?” Eppra held her hand to her chest.

“This is your house. Now.”

Eppra dropped the reins of her brown steed and climbed the seven gray steps to the whitewashed wooden double doors of the manor house. Listross watched her hand tremble as her hand met the knob and turned. 

Listross grunted. “On my tail, men.”

He pushed passed Eppra and froze with one foot in the doorway.

In front of him stretched a white and brown painted hallway with a single small candle flickering on stand. To his right, light and voices poured through an ajar door.

Eppra blinked in surprise and shrugged. “Let me check it out.” She kept her voice low and stepped around Listross and his men who pushed themselves against the wall to stay out of sight.

“Father?” Eppra pushed the door open a bit more.

“We must act now, Lord Tizkul, before it’s too late.” There was no denying Magistrate Ossillion’s voice when it reached Listross’s ears.

“But look, Magistrate, you’ve woken my daughter.”

Listross pushed through the doorway, pushing Eppra further into the room. She fell to her knees from the sudden movement.

Lord Tizkul immediately rose and reached for the double edged sword on the table before him, but Ossillion snatched it first and tossed it behind himself.

The warning bells low chimes resounded through the walls of the mansion.

“Capture them both.  The magistrate will not get away this time.”

The men, with Listross, moved in on the nobles.

“Please, I know there’s enmity between our people, but permit me to speak.” Ossillion sat on the couch with raised hands. His eyes locked on Listross’s.

“What is going on?” Lord Tizkul’s eyes scanned the room, calculating.

Listross watched as his men lept on Lord Tizkul. He fought and kicked back, but without a weapon in the middle of the night it wasn’t hard for Listross to subdue him.

 “I am Prince Listross Tavalask. You will surrender and tell the townsfolk to do so as well.”

“Prince Listross, we don’t have time to start a war.” Magistrate Ossillion’s eyes watered in desperation.

Listross rose his sword. He let out a battle cry as he came down on the magistrate’s head, but he was tackled to the side.

“You don’t want to do this, Listross.” Eppra stood panting between Listross and the Magistrate.

  1. Listross pushed past Eppra and took out his revenge. He needed a show of power. He then spun on his heels and pointed his blade at Lord Tizkul. “Do you surrender?”
  2. Listross paused and scanned the room. His men had both Lord Tizkul and the Magistrate subdued. He would wait to kill Ossilion. A slow torturous death was better for someone of such reknown in the Ferronian monarchy after all.

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