Current Writing Plan

My Dear Reader,

Thank you for your patience. Simply put. Writing with twin infants is NOT easy. But things are changing. My husband recently got a new job and we moved from Iowa to Tennessee! We wanted to be closer to family, and felt like God was telling us to go. This being said. I am getting more help with the kiddos, and will be depending on them this November.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and I am preparing. Before November 1st, there will be posted for you a piece entitled With Father Through Fire. It is an allegorical story about a Father and daughter on a camping trip. For NaNo itself I have been preparing to revamp Prince of Slaves as I promised long ago. I’m working out a new plot structure, and am really going in depth with pre-writing and planning. And you will be getting some of that posted as teasers as I go. I want to know these characters in side and out and have every scene planned so that I can post a chapter regularly (every week or every other) and hold myself to that standard. November then will be spent actually writing Prince of Slaves (which will probably have a title change). So when December rolls around, the chapters will be ready to post, and I will simply need to go back and do some tweaking and editing.

To be honest, as most writers I have a lot of self doubt and fear when it comes to writing again. Even as I’m writing this, I’m not feeling very inspired or “in the zone”. I feel like I’m just throwing random words on a page, ranting and rambling to my friends hoping they make some sort of sense out of all of this. But, as it is written love conquers fear, right? And, well, I have a heart for you, my reader. I might not know who you are across the screen reading this, but I desire to let you know: YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE LOVED BY THE CREATOR. YOU ARE PUT ON THIS EARTH WITH A PURPOSE. My prayer is that you grow closer to the King of kings with every word you read.

In God’s love,

Amber Skye Mileusnich

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  1. Good for you! I was just thinking about whether you would return to writing or if you were just too busy with babies. I’m glad you are forcing yourself to do it, because that’s when you will become inspired. I’m looking forward to reading your new content. 🙂


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