Prince of Slaves: Chapter 11

Ossillion shook his head, snapping his eyes to meet Listross’s. “After I fled the potato plantation, I stumbled upon an abandoned temple where I found this sword and a note. We need to stop this pointless squabbling if we want the world to survive.” “An abandoned temple?” Listross stood and looked out the window at the pink sky. “Yes, when I drew the weapon, my wounds were instantly healed and I could see the note and sword.” When had there been a sword in the abandoned temple? Memories flooded Listross’s mind. Ten years prior to receiving the crown, he and Flouth had longed for freedom. They tried to escape, figuring if they could make it to a more wooded area, they could fend for themselves. But somehow the Roughlins had discovered they’re plot. Listross and Flouth could hear the horse hooves plodding through the woods when they reached the abandoned building.

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