Why do I write? I mean, I have a four children under five. I have every excuse to not put words on the page.

I write because I desire to use the gift God gave me to grow His kingdom. Nothing I do matters except to bring glory to God.

I write because I’ve grown and have been inspired by the writings of others. Without handwritten letters by those close to me and by various books out there, I would not be who I am today.

I write because I refuse to let the lessons I’ve learned in this life go to waste. God puts us through challenges in life to strengthen and grow our faith which is more pure than gold. If someone else’s faith can be strengthened from challenges and lessons I’ve experienced, I would be cruel to not share them.

Finally, I write because I like to. When I put words on the page, when I get into that creative trance where my fingers are flying across the keyboard, it’s one of the most relaxing places there is.

Then the question remains, what do I write? This is something that, this last year, made me stop and think.

I love story telling. And I find fantasy worlds help us realize, remember, and connect with the spiritual realm. That being said, I thought it would be obvious to write Christian fantasy.

But then I do find that I also write and need to write lessons and events of my life as is. I can be just as passionate about a devotional piece as a story, for to me they share the same purpose: To help people grow in their faith.

So weither it’s a fantastical tale, or a heartfelt devotional, I hope that you, dear reader, find just the thing that God wants you to on my website. If you find a piece that touches you, thank God for me, for all the glory is His.

In God’s love,

Amber Skye Mileusnich

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