I grew up in a few different towns in southern Wisconsin. I moved to Iowa to attend Emmaus Bible College where I met my spouse, Brian. We settled there for about seven years and had our four beautiful daughters and our child who is with Christ. Now we are settled in central Tennessee as I homeschool the older two of our daughters and help minister to my friends, family, church, and community.

My childhood, to put it lightly, was not ideal. In the hard times, I would escape to books to relax. My friends and I would create stories and I would lose myself in those. But they were more than simply an escape. The stories I would create and enjoy became my home, my rest, my encouragement. I found glimpses of truth in them, and they kept me going until I met Him. The love of my life. Jesus and he showed me the ultimate story. His story which was nothing but truth.

Through reading the pages of Scripture, and the many people who have guided me, I learned how to have a friendship with the Living God. The true stories, or accounts, held in the pages spoke of humans whom God chose to move through to overcome they’re past and circumstances. In the same way, Jesus taught me, and is still teaching me, how to overcome my past and to live a victorious joyful life.

As I grow older, I learn more and more that the challenges life presents never really leave. They simply change and I am still encouraged by the reflected truth in the fiction tales I read and the truth in the accounts of those who have also overcome. The Lord has given me a gift in my passion and skill to put words to page. All gifts from Him come with a responsibility to use them to bring glory to Jesus and help others to meet Him.

When your eyes pass over the words I have written, I pray that you are encouraged and strengthened. I pray that what you find here will point you towards the King of kings and Lord of lords. I pray that the enemy is not permitted to disrupt you from meeting Jesus of Nazareth. I pray peace and rejuvenation. Lastly, my King, I pray these dear readers learn how to overcome by the power of Your blood and the word of our testimonies. All glory and honor and wealth and power and might be ascribed to Your name. Amen.


Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or need someone to pray with you


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