With every breath of my being I will serve my God.

That sounds pretty heavy, but it’s true. In order to be effective for Christ, I know I must surrender all of my roles and responsibilities to Him. I respect and love my husband for the glory of Jesus. I love and raise my children for the glory of Jesus. I teach Sunday school for the glory of Jesus.

I write for the glory of Jesus Christ my Lord

Ever since I was young, I loved to write and make stories. As I grew, I developed skill and passion. Now, I wish to share that with you.

What you’ll find on my website:

  • Prince of Slaves: An ongoing story where you vote to determine the outcome of the characters
  • Updates on my current book projects
  • Ways to get in touch

That all said, this website had an interesting beginning. I loved writing, but didn’t want to commit if it’s not what God wanted of me. So I prayed.

The answer He whispered in my heart, “It doesn’t matter, Amber.”

“But, Dad (He is my Heavenly Father), I want to give honor to You. I only want to do what You want from me.”

“Amber, I want you to glorify me in whatever you do. ‘So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ (1 Corinthians 10:31).”

And there was immense freedom in that! I don’t need to or have to write. I get to.

My prayer for you, my dear reader, is that my writing helps encourage your faith so that in whichever was God has given you, you may glorify Him.

In God’s love,

Amber Skye Mileusnich

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