Lessons from the Lord

Heavenly Dad

The first lesson the Lord taught me was how to have a relationship with Him as the father I never had. Click the Link above to read more.

Jesus is King

This was a more recent lesson, but without, the first lesson, Heavenly Dad wouldn’t be complete. God is triune. He is the Father, He is Jesus, and He is the Holy Spirit. As Jesus, He is the King of this world, and that changes ones faith.

Shedding Victimhood

God grieves with us over the pain we face, but He also desires for us to overcome that pain. There are many rewards laid up for those who do.

Shedding Past Pains

The trauma and struggles of our past can continue to hold us victim. Working together, King Jesus and I have shed those pains so that I can live in His freedom. Even in the face of horrific events, God is still good, and we can trust in His promise to work all things out for the good of those who love Him.

Emotional Freedom (Part 1)

We live in a culture defined by uninhibited expression of our feelings and emotions. But by doing so, we let them control us. Christ wants us to learn freedom from our emotions so that we may live for Him. Here, I talk about the necessity to overcome our emotions and the difference between feelings and emotions.

Emotional Freedom (Part 2): When God Initiates Negative Emotions in our lives

Victory from our negative emotions cannot be found apart from a right relationship with Christ. Once we decide to be a disciple of Jesus, He will love us by disciplining us. Sometimes with negative emotions. Through prayer and repentance, we have hope and victory.

Emotional Freedom (Part 3): Overcoming Satan and his forces

Once we decide to follow Christ, and live according to the pattern he set for us, Satan and his forces will do all they can to stop us. They will twist our emotions so that we’re ineffective in the assignments God has for us. But just as Jesus overcame Satan by rising from the dead, so can we.

Emotional Freedom (Part 4): Wrestling with the Old Self

Sometimes even when we’re walking with the Lord and have cast out demons, we can still struggle with strong negative emotions. But by using certain tools, we can still find freedom.

Emotional Freedom (Part 5): It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Christ doesn’t want us to be controlled by our emotions, but He does give us freedom to feel them when it’s appropriate. It’s our responsibility to know how and when to express them.

Entertaining Angels

There is a spiritual war raging around us. But God sends angels to aid us in this struggle. I was possibly visited by one of these angels once, and eagerly await when I will see King Jesus come again with His angels.

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