Dreams Awaiting

Dreams Awaiting

I have heard the call
I have what it takes
I push and strive
I will achieve
I know I'll be great

A glimmer on the horizon
Just another obstacle on this steep trek
But the chains grabbed, pulled, snared
And now I am stuck.

I can see the sun shining on the horizon
The call still echoes in my ear
I pull against the chains
I kick, I scream, I fight
But they still remain

Stuck, will it be forever?
I look at the binds as tears pour down
And watch as the drops corrode the iron
I sit and let myself weep.
Time it will take
But even as I watch the chains grow thin with rust

I stare back up at the sun
Keep my eyes fixed on it
More tears swell as it burns into my soul
There is yet hope
Just endure a bit longer

I hear the call
I possess the skill
I strive tirelessly
I am achieving
From greatness to greatness

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